četrtek, 30. april 2020

Jakob (30.4.2020)

They arrived in a peaceful place. It looked like a japanese garden, that had many cherry trees. There was one tree that stood out on top of a small hill. It was the only one, that wasn’t in blossom. In front of the tree was a young man. It looked like he was praying to it. They had a discussion about whether or not should they approach the man. They decided to go to him, as he looked fairly familiar. As they were walking to him they saw time around them passing, but when they stopped or went back a little, time did the same. As they were walking down the avenue they found it rather magical. They saw different names written on each of the trees. One of them had their names, but not father’s. They were now very close to that special tree. They then saw, that the man aged a lot during their walk. As they approached him, he greeted them“ You have finally arrived” he said. “I have been waiting for a long time and I know that you are here because of your father Lola” he said with great honor. “ Your father is far away from here, but I’m afraid, that it is too late for him - he broke to many rules” he said with great sadness. Lola opened her mouth in tears saying: “What did he do, who is even my real father?”. The man stood up and turned to them: “I’m. I have been here for so long and had to break many rules to get you here. ”. “ This is the last time, you will see me” he whispered to them. He then fell to his knees and slowly disappeared. They were both crying. They saw in their cry something black spreading from where they came, a disease and an opening in the tree. They jumped into it and came back to the real world exhausted and pale. They could feel, how their magical powers were wearing off.

petek, 17. april 2020

Maša (17.4.2020)

She has had enough. She liked her life. She thought that moving to different place or country is the worst thing that can happen to her. And now she has her crazy life. She never knows where she is in time, she is always trying to escape, she doesn’t know what she can do whit here arms and so on. She didn’t know anything. Then she heard her mother. She was calling her. Lola looked at her. Her mother was so sad and confused like she was. Her mother said that she has an idea. Lola believed her. Her mother used her powers to took Lola’s knife away. Then she run to her and hug her. And they ended somewhere else. Again. Accept that this time her mother has a plan. She said that all this time Lola’s father was escaping from what he is. He didn’t want that Lola gets involved in this magical powers world, so he was trying to keep her away from this. But he couldn’t control this anymore. Lola and her mother just needed to find him…

sreda, 15. april 2020

Domen (14.4.2020)

Lola gone. Her mother and other people were scared for her. The police was there and policemas just standing there, so Lola´s mother started to shout on the policemans why they don`t went to find her daughter. The policemans was suprised about Lola's mother beacouse no one never shout on them. They quickly started to searching for Lola. They started to searching in the other rooms in the hospital and beacouse they didn't find her in the rooms they went outside on the garden of the hospital. There was a few cabins and threes and there was also a small beehive. They foun Lola in a small cabin on the midlle of the garden and she had a knife in her hand and there was a lot of blood…

nedelja, 05. april 2020

Lara (5.4.2020)

Lola's mother wanted to call for help, but her mobile phone was gone. She remembered that they were in the 20th century and there are no mobile phones. She finally found a telephone booth near the road and called the local hospital. Lola was taken to this hospital, so her mother called a taxi and arrived 15min later. She was taken to the room, but the girl in the bed was not Lola. She paniced. Where is her daughter, what happened to her? The hospital called the police, but they told that Lola was the girl that was in the hospital bed. She went back the the room to ask the girl who she was, but she was gone. The window was open and she saw a helicopter flying away.

sobota, 04. april 2020

Tara J.B. (3.4.2020)

But things went wrong again and suddenly they were in the same place but a completely different time. They did not realise that, because there was no school nearby. Instead of that, they were standing near a.....RODEO?!? They decided to take a closer look. It was 20th century and it was time for...bull riding?! Suddenly a crowd of people ran past them and they took Lola with them by accident. Her mom was standing there completely speechless. Then it hit her, she had to get Lola before something bad happened to her. Meanwhile Lola was stuck there, with these weird people that she did not know. They were preparing her for a bull ride but she did not realise it until it was too late. They put her on a bull. Lola started freaking out and fell off the bull. They were still in the cage but the bull still knocked her out and left a lot of bruises on her. Her mom was still looking for her, but she could not find her anywhere. There was one more place she didn't look at and it was the cages, but when she got there it was already too late. She was told that Lola is injured and was taken to the hospital. AGAIN!?

ponedeljek, 30. marec 2020

Nika (30.3.2020)

That's when Lola appeared at her school. She thought: oh, no, I'm here again. But then Lola noticed there weren't any people. She was alone at the schoolyard. That's why she became scared and suspicious. She didn't know how it's possible that school is closed since it was Wednesday. She went inside, but found only empty classrooms. Then she went outside, on the street. She saw a family and quickly ran towards them. They didn't seem to notice her and she figured out she's probably invisible again. She started to walk behind the parents, so she could hear what they were talking. They were talking about some virus Lola didn't know and said the schools were closed because of it. Lola then understood why there weren't any people in school and it seemed like she travelled into the future. Suddenly, she saw her mother on the other side of the street. She ran to her and hugged her. She was scared and wanted to go home. Her mother said she came there to help Lola find out the truth. Her mother then took her hand and in a moment they were back in the present time. But things went wrong again …

torek, 24. marec 2020

Adela (24.3.2020)

When Lola woke up in the hospital again she couldnt belive her eyes , because she thought that her past is repeating it self except that some things are changing when the doctors came into her room she wasn't  there. As she was running Lola remembered thatshe did that the first time she stopped and started loudly screaming. Evriyone  was looking at her. She didn't react to any of that. It was like her head was full of some  noise. That's when Lola appeared at...

sreda, 18. marec 2020

Tara V.(18.3.2020)

Lola didn't now she was.There was fire  around her everywhere and she felt like she is going to faint.She even couldn't feel her body.She caught remember everything that happened to her in last hours.She was very confused.Her eyes sudenly couldn't see anything and she fell down.She was falling and falling into unknown.She woke up in the hospital again.She was sick of them because she hated it.She didn't know what to do because she thought that she was going throught the time again. She decided that she will escape and try to find time machine.She didn't know where to start so she went to library.She wanted to find a book about time traveling.She went to ask librarian about that book.At first he smiled at her beacause he thought that she was crazy but then he saw that she had real problems so he helped her.He took her to the top floor of the library where are old books and nobody reads them.Librarian went on the ladder and took the book about time traveling from the highest shelf. But when he took that book another three book fell from the shelf on Lolas head.Lola fainted.Guess what?She woke up in the hospital(again). Then she..

petek, 13. marec 2020

Jakob (13.3.2020)

When he walked into the house, everything started to disappear. It looked like the reality was breaking. Everything got weirder and weirder. The house wasn't a house anymore, a person wasn't a person and it looked like everything was about to end. She saw her mother, when everything calmed down. They were in blank black space. Her mother whispered to her: “ Everything will be just fine” and then she disappeared. She was really scared. She then saw every moment of her mother's life in front of her. It was weird, but she found it amusing. She suddenly felt something warm in her left hand. It got hotter and hotter until it became that hot, that she felt like her hand was burning. The blank black space around her gradually became the real world. She then woke up in her own body. She saw a piece of burning wood on her left hand. She quickly took it off. She looked at her burnt hand, but she didn't see any flesh. She saw a hole into space. It was terrifying. She quickly put a piece of clothing over it. She couldn't hold her consciousness any longer. She collapsed in the middle of something that looked like an airplane crash.

petek, 06. marec 2020

Žiga (6.3.2020)

She saw her real mom, when she was looking at young mom. young mom didn't notice Lola or her real mom. Then her real mom started to tell Lola without looking at her. She said that they are in past and that this is because her mom wanted to tell what happened many years ago. She also told Lola that she had the same powers as Lola. Lola then begun to understand. But suddenly, a boy arrived an talked to young Katie. Then the old said to Lola that this is her real father. His name was Patrick. She also told Lola, that Kala's father name is Eugene. But then young Eugene walked into a house...

torek, 03. marec 2020

Uros (3.3.2020)

Katie replied: No, sir. Then they continued with the lesson. It was biology. Lola was still sitting on the same chair and was at what her mother was writing. Then she stood up and walked to the front of the classroom. Nobody seemed to noticed her. Then she started jumping and singing, but nobody even cared, even the teacher. She realized she was a "ghost". She then remembered that she doesn't even know why she is here. She waited for the class to end. She then started to follow her mother around the school. There were only two classes left. Then Katie went home. When she was infront of the school she noticed that bike was there. It seemed a bit wierd. She picked up the bike and went home. Lola could not keep up with her. When Lola arrived at Katies house she entered. She was schocked at what she saw...

Jakob (30.4.2020)

They arrived in a peaceful place. It looked like a japanese garden, that had many cherry trees. There was one tree that stood out on top of ...