četrtek, 10. oktober 2019

Žiga (10.10.2019)

It was her best subject: English. She was from America, so she didn't have troubles with it. They were learning, when suddenly her mother came to the class. Everybody stood up and waited, what would happen. Her mom started to tell, that Lola must go home in this moment and quickly. The teacher agreed with her mom and they went home. When they got home, Lola saw unknown car with the registration plate from Poland. She was interrested in this car, so she ran in the house to see whose it is. She saw a man  in the middle ages in the kitchen, about fourty years old, talking to fridge. Lola was kind of happy, because she first saw a human, who had the same powers than she. Her mom started to tell her, that this is her father. Lola didn't believe it, because her mom told her that he is dead... 

torek, 08. oktober 2019

Uroš (8.10.2019)

The next day Lola woke up at seven o' clock. Her mom was already at work. Lola didn't feel good. She went back to sleep. Meanwhile in school, all of her classmates were having Maths. They weren't enjoying the class. At Lola's house Lola was having breakefast. She made herself a sandwich. She was still feeling very sick and tired. She was also still worried about the fact that she doesn't know what her classmates think of her. At around four Lola's mom came home. She checked Lolal, who was asleep. Then she made dinner. She went to sleep early, beacuse she was tired from work. The next day Lola actualy felt pretty good. She decided  to go ro school. She didn't live far away from school so she didn't need a ride. When she came to school it was very quiet. She then she realised she was late. She ran to her locker and put the clothes in it. She ran to the class. When she entered the class nobody even noticed her. She sat down at a free desk just as the teacher walked in the class. Then the lesson started.

četrtek, 03. oktober 2019

Maša (3.10.2019)

Next day, when she got up, her head was very heavy. It wasn’t a headache, she was just sad. Yesterday she went to bed late and she was sleepy, but she couldn’t sleep, because she was thinking, how can her new classmates liked her. On a first day of school, she went home in a first 5 minutes and they didn’t even get her to know better. Then she wasn’t in school for two weeks. Then she came home from the hospital and she was shocked. A party began and it lasted till midnight. Why? One big, big WHY? And now, she was thinking, what will happen in school. After the strange thing that happened to her last night, she wasn’t sure that they will like her anymore. Actually she was never sure. She just hoped that this weren’t just dreams. She went to the kitchen and asked her mom if she can stay at home. She said that she doesn’t feel good. Mom agreed. But this day in school is going to come…

ponedeljek, 30. september 2019

Domen (30.9.2019)

She was really scared, but there were only her new schoolmates. They have got balloons, cake and candles. Lola’s schoolmates started singing “Happy Birthday”. Lola and her mom were very happy, because this was first time ever, that her schoolmates came to her house and have party. In the last Lola’s school her schoolmates hate her and her mom, as they were a little bit strange. They have got presents too. They ate many different snacks and drunk cola. They have got the party till midnight.
When the schoolmates wanted to go home to sleep, the lights in Lola’s house turned off and her eyes started glowing. Everyone started screaming and ran out of the house to their homes. Lola was really sad. Next day Lola was scared, what will happen in school.
To be continued…

ponedeljek, 23. september 2019

Lara (23.9.2019)

Lola lost consciousness. Her mother heard the noise from the bathroom. She ran upstairs to see what happened. She opened the door and saw Lola laying on the floor. There was blood round her. She started calling for help. But at the same time there was smoke in kitchen, as the dinner was burning on stove. The neighbour called the paramedics and also the fire department. They took here to the hospital, her mom followed with her car. She had very bad head injury and was in a coma. The doctors didn't know what to do, as it was a complicated situation. They decided to do a operation, but it took almost 6h. After that they took her to the hospital room, where her mother stayed with her all the time. After 5 days she woke up. Her mom was very happy, but Lola didn't recognize her. She didn't know who she was and how she got to the hospital. She stayed in hospital for another week and then her mother took her home. When they opened the front door something starnge happened. Lola started crying and her mother couldn't make her stop. She started screaming....

torek, 17. september 2019

Tara (17.9.2019)

She said to herself that everything will be ok, that there is no way that she could get this mad in one day so she left the room went to the kitchen and yelled as loud as she could: "SHUT UP AND DON'T EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN UNLESS YOU CAN EXPLAIN TO ME WHY AM I CAPABLE OF ALL OF THIS!! "
She stormed out of the kitchen and went outside and sat on the swing. When she did the swing started swinging on its own and she got mad and yelled:"STOP!" but it didn't stop so she went along with it. She was swinging when she heard a car pulling into the driveway. It was her mom. When she got out of the car the swing stopped swinging. Lola was annoyed so she went up to hug her mother and asked her to make her lunch, she agreed and Lola went to the bathroom to take a cold shower to clear her mind a little bit. When she turned on the shower, stepped in the water suddendly went from freezing cold to boiling hot. Lola sreamed and fell down on the floor, she hit her head...

sobota, 14. september 2019

Nika (14.9.2019)

Lola went into the kitchen and made herself a sandwich when she suddenly heard the toaster speaking to her. It asked her: »How well-done should the toast be, young lady?« She answered in shock, her jaw dropping to the floor. She thought that she lost her mind when suddenly the fridge started talking too. And a few seconds later all the kitchen appliances started to talk. Lola was so scared that she ran out of the kitchen and into her room, where everything was quiet. She sat on her bed and started to think – she either has superpowers or is mad. She decided to read a book and wait for her mother to come home from work. She wanted to tell her about the school and the lights that went off. Before she started reading the book, Lola looked at herself in the mirror. She stared at her reflection, but she suddenly couldn't see herself in the mirror anymore. She looked down at her arm and saw it, then back to the mirror. She still couldn't see her reflection. What's wrong? What happend?

četrtek, 12. september 2019

Gaj (12.9.2019)

When she started to think about if anybody else has powers, her phone started to ring somone was calling her it was her mom so she answered. Her mom started to yell if she is ok, she didnt know what to say she was specless, so she sad that she is filling a little sick but otherwise she is ok. Mom was happy to her that beacuse she was realy worried so she told her to rest and wait until mom comes back home. When they stoped talking Lola started to think once again if anybody else has powers she was thinking about that fot some time. After that tought to her self that she will ask her new classmates that tomorrow so she lied down and tried tio get some sleep. In her dreams she and her new classmates had superpowers and they were a superhero team that helped people but then she woke up she noticed it was just a dream and also she noticed that she was hungry. She went into the kitchen and made herself a sandwich when she suddenly heard...

ponedeljek, 09. september 2019

Adela (9.9.2019)

All the lights turned off and her eyes started to light up. Everyone was shocked and confused. Then the lights turned on again and she looked dizzy. The class started whispering in fear. She said she felt sick and asked the teacher if she can go home. The techer let her go. When she got home she realized she was home alone. She turned all the lights off and she went up to the mirror. She looked at the reflection and her eyes started to light up again and she was dissgusted by her own reflection because it looked evil. She was looking at the mirror for a long time and it suddendly dissappeared. She was confused. She started looking at the blank wall and in a few moments the mirror appeared once again. She realized what her powers were, what she was capable of. She went up to a chair and touched it. It cought on fire. She was scared so she touched it with the other hand and the fire stopped. She realized that she had multiple powers. She didn't know uf she should keep it to herself or tell someone. She was scared what others might think and she was curious if others had similar powers too...

sreda, 04. september 2019


First of September, the first day of a new school year. Everybody came to school a little bit later because we are in the nine class. We are the most importand puple in the school. 
What´s happened with our old school? Everything is new and looks amaizing. We have an elevator, electrict doors, glass walls and the best think are massage chairs. On every table is a red button. Immediately, we pushed the button and waited. Suddenly a waiter came into our class. What do you want for eat and drink? We looked to each other and we started to smile. Wow, this is the best school ever. We yell and our class teacher entered into the class. Everybody stop yelling right now. Some wird girl our age standed by her. 
Who´s that girl? This is your new classmate, Lola. She is from America and she doesn´t speak slovene.  She looks wrilly strange because she has green hair anda pearsing in the nose. She has a strong make up and red lipstik. Her dress was like a pyjama, and she has a boots on her legs. She sat down in put her legs on the table. 
Suddenly, something strange happend. 

Žiga (10.10.2019)

It was her best subject: English. She was from America, so she didn't have troubles with it. They were learning, when suddenly her mothe...